(We will continue to add to these as more questions arise, so check back often to see what’s new!)




NO outside fireworks, firearms, weapons of any kind, or illegal substances (strictly enforced!)


When can we arrive?

—Gates open on Thursday at 12pm.  If you plan to arrive on Thursday, you will need to purchase a ticket for the Thursday Pre-Party - these will be sold at the gate for $25 (you must have a weekend pass to attend the pre-party)

—For those of you who are not arriving Thursday for the pre-party, we will be opening our gates Friday morning at 9am.  


Is camping included?

— Yes, camping is included with your weekend pass.


How long can we stay?

— Since NYE is on Sunday, we have included Sunday night camping with the weekend pass.  We will be requiring campers to pack out and exit the venue before 5pm on Monday Jan. 1, 2018.  



— ** We are tossing around some new ideas that will give you more options when it comes to parking your car inside the venue.  Please check back as we will be adding more details about this along the way.  Camping with your vehicle will be an additional fee which is payable at the gate upon arrival.

— There will be plenty of space in our general parking lot which is free of charge.  If you haven’t been to Maddox Ranch before, rest assured that the lot is located just on the other side of the fence and you can walk to it quite easily. 


Can we bring our RV?

—Yes.  We have a designated RV camping area mapped out with sites according to size.  There are no power or water hookups, but generators welcome.

—We strongly suggest you reserve your site in advance.  RV sites are $50 and reservations can be made through our website.  We cannot guarantee availability of RV sites if you wait until arrival to get yours.  Please plan accordingly.


Are kids allowed?

— Yes! Kids 12 and under get in free. Ages 17 and under must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.  

— We will have a kids tent with a schedule of activities to be announced. 

— Check back for more details and a link to a Facebook event page regarding the kids tent.


Will there be quiet/family camping?

—Yes.  This will be noted on the map.  


Are campfires allowed?

***Yes, but CAMPFIRES are allowed ONLY in a raised fire pit (standing rule of the property. Fire needs to be contained and off the ground)….** We have seen fire pits for sale at Walmart for only $30

*** There will also be a community fire 


FIRE WOOD and ICE will be available for purchase on site 


Will there be an ATM?



Can we bring our DOG?

--- NO DOGS allowed. This has always been a standing rule of the Ranch with our events. If you choose to ignore this and bring your pet anyway, you will be asked to leave.   

— If you have special needs that need addressed, please send us a message via the “connect” link on our website


Are there showers?

--Yes there are outdoor showers that are free of charge


Are there restroom facilities?

—-YES!!!  -  Men’s and Women’s restrooms are on site and undergoing some major upgrades since last year.  

— Port-o-potties will also be placed throughout the campground for your convenience and will be maintained daily.


Can we bring hammocks?

--- of course you can bring a hammock, but there are limited areas to hang them. Also, hammocks cannot be hung any higher than 5 feet off the ground. 


Will there be First Aid?

--- YES!! We always make it a high priority to ensure that your festival environment is not only fun, but SAFE!  We have an amazing team that comes out to insure that this is available to you at all times.  Please go to them for any first aid or other medical concerns. They are licensed medical professionals who have catered their services to fit the needs of a festival. They will be able to assist you with most any needs you have, and will facilitate EMS services if necessary. There will be a booth near the main stage area (see map) where you can find someone. There will also be one of their medical staff mobile on the property keeping eyes out to keep you safe! If you have any concerns for the health or safety of yourself or a friend... don't hesitate to notify any one of our staff. They are only a radio call away. Help us help you stay safe and look out for each other!



Oh Cool!...Horses!!

--- at Maddox Ranch, you will see many animals including horses.  As tempting as it is, please refrain from trying to pet or feed them over the fence.   The owners of the Ranch have asked us to relay this to you, so please respect their requests.